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Chelsea Ann Cockburn (b. October 3rd, 1994) is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Eden. The character is played by Chelsea Cockburn and first appeared on-screen on 24th November, 2011.

Chelsea was created by executive producer David Hanson. In 2014 Chelsea stated that she would be lost without the role and confirmed her loyalty to the serial. Chelsea's storylines have included underage pregnancy which resulted in the birth of daughter Darcy Elisabeth, and the subject of domestic abuse in her relationship with Brendan Brady. The character of Chelsea was part of a new family unit which was cast in the show called the Cockburns, they moved into the flat abouve The Wellbourne. Her parents are Carlisle and Rebecca. Chelsea's storylines are initially fairly lighthearted, such as playing pranks on her brother Justin and cousin Julian by pretending to be the fabled 'Hollyoaks beast'.

BBC America have branded Chelsea as the "Bad Seed" of the Cockburn family. They also add: "She's not mean-spirited, but she's known for trouble-making."

In 2011, only a week after her joining the show, Chelsea was involved in a special week of episodes dubbed "fire week". Chelsea was described as battling to save her daughter, Darcy, and younger brother Ira in the blaze, with executive producer Paul Marquess stating: "All I will say is that it will be shocking." In early 2013 Marquess revealed that Chelsea would be staying in the show permanently and be involved in a serious storyline in which Naya Monroe would do some "terrible things" to Chelsea. Executive producer Gareth Phillips later revealed that there was never any plans for Chelsea to leave. They filmed alternative endings to confuse viewers and added they had been "mischievous" in doing so. He said it made the serial more exciting and that they had lots of storylines for Chelsea and Charlie because they "make a great pairing".

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